Project location: Republic of Moldova
Project duration: 29 June 2015 – 31 December 2016
Total budget: 30 000 Euro
CE PRO DIDACTICA budget: 9000 Euro

The project targets high school pupils (at age 16-18) and young people (at age 18-29) by encouraging them to know more about EU values, history, politics; helping to understand and recognize value of democratic countries community for each separate country. Project aims to renew and create educational programs for development of European values and knowledge about euro-integration processes. Project aim will be reached by following measures: developed and tested optional program “The Education for European Integration” for secondary schools of Moldova and Georgia; developed and tested program and supplementary materials for youth organizations; developed in-service program for teachers implementing “The Education for European Integration” optional program.

Project aim:
To create preconditions for development of European values and the acknowledgment of European integration processes in Georgia and Moldova


  • Modern Didactics Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania;
  • Association “School-Family-Society”, Tbilisi, Georgia.

Main objectives:
1. To renew an optional program “The Education for European Integration” for high schools of Moldova;
2. To develop non-formal education program „European lessons“ and supplementary materials for youth organizations in Georgia and Moldova;
3. Developing and piloting a training program for teachers to implement the optional discipline «Education for European Integration».

Target groups:
 I group – students at age 16-18, to whom program „Education for European Integration“ is designed. This group was chosen because there‘s a chance to present optional programs at the senior grades in Moldova. In Georgia it is possible to present new programs like optional or like topics for class hours. Students of this age are actively interested in the world, other cultures, are able to explain and understand some of the political, social and economic issues.
II group – youth at age 18-29, representing different formal and non-formal youth organizations. This target group was chosen due to availability to use active, civic-minded youth who seek to educate the members of their organizations, to improve themselves and strengthen their organizations.
III group – teachers and class tutors. In-service training program will be developed for this group, in order to teach how to use project results (programs and materials) working with children.

Project coordinator: Viorica Goraș-Postică