The mission of Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA is to promote the principles of the open society, supporting individuals and organizations interested in continuous learning and development, in order to achieve a better personal and professional performance and to facilitate their integration into a society in transition.

In order to accomplish that, the Centre offers quality information, training and consultancy programmes focusing on lifelong learning skills, as well as specific programmes for children and young people, promoting the values of the knowledge society, thus ensuring participation and equal opportunities for all, as well as sustainable support in the process of European integration through education.


The PRO DIDACTICA Educational Centre is a multifunctional centre of excellence and innovation, appreciated in the Republic of Moldova and abroad for its contribution to quality education. PRO DIDACTICA offers high performance services and provides equal opportunities to all people, including children and young people, and organizations interested in lifelong learning, based on relevant educational approaches and support for sustainable personal, professional and institutional development.