Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA is a non–governmental, non-profit organization, founded in August 1998.


The mission of Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA is to promote the principles of the open society, supporting individuals and organizations interested in continuous learning and development, in order to achieve a better personal and professional performance and to facilitate their integration into a society in transition.
In order to accomplish that, the Center is offering informational, training and consulting programs and services, focused on development of life-long learning skills.


We believe that people are primordial element of the success.
We believe that we can build a viable base for the future only through development of learning abilities.
We want to contribute to the change of modern educational principles into praxis of the teachers, schools an all organizations from the Republic of Moldova interested in development.
We believe that success is a result of three essential factors: relations build on mutual trust and respect, an efficient working process, and productive results.
We promote the principles of the open society. Thus, Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA is a society where:

  • Nobody has monopolized the truth.
  • Each member (stakeholder, client, partner, beneficiary) has the right to think and to express his/her personal opinion.
  • The attention is paid to cooperation, but not on competition because it may cause intolerable inequity and instability.
  • We understand that we don’t live in a perfect society.
  • Our attitude and activity demonstrates that we are open to improvement and change.

Our main resources are people. The team of the Center consists from collaborators, consultants, and teacher-trainers who improved their knowledge and abilities in educational centers from Romania, U.S.A., France, Great Britain, Belgium, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Austria and other countries.
The Center has its domicile in a central zone of the city endowed with:

  • A conference hall, alias library, were can be found more than 5000 titles of reference and didactic books in the following fields: general and educational management, pedagogy and general didactics, didactic of exact and humanist subjects, psychology, etc.;
  • 5 smaller rooms for courses and group activities;
  • birouri moderne pentru activitatea coordonatorilor şi a formatorilor Centrului;
  • Hi-tech outfits for training activities: retro-projectors, multimedia, flipchart blackboards, xerox, video and audio outfits, computers, printers etc.