The Centre offers complex packages of information, training and consultancy services, including one of the following, depending on the beneficiaries’ requests, covering all levels of education, including the voluntary sector:g:

  • Needs assessment;
  • Developing of educational programs;
  • Developing of analytical programs for the courses;
  • Developing of didactic materials for the courses;
  • Developing of assessment materials and instruments;
  • Designing and organisation of training activities (induction/information, empowerment and further training);
    Consultancy for writing degree papers and other institutional development and evaluation needs; individual personal and professional development programmes, etc.

Fields of expertise include:

  • Teacher training: psycho-pedagogy; general didactics; subject didactics; Reading and Writing for the Development of Critical Thinking; skills training through interactive teaching strategies; project management, digital pedagogy; new educations: intercultural education, education for understanding otherness, education for tolerance and social integration, education for gender equity and equal opportunities, education for community development, education for European integration, education for the development of green skills, etc.;
  • Training of school managers: General Management; Educational Management.
  • Training of trainers;
  • Personal development: effective communication and presentation skills; time management; character development education; conflict management; career design, etc.
    • Needs assessment;
    • Human resources training;
    • Designing and developing of curriculum materials (for the base curriculum and the curriculum at school decision);
    • Assessment of the developed materials and their functioning in the educational institutions;
    • Exploiting theoretical and practical experiences to improve educational policy and curriculum documents;
    • Promoting advanced experiences of school skills training, etc.
    • Problem setting;
    • Participative designing of the strategies of organizational development for assuring quality in education;
    • Strategic Planning (SDP);
    • Project management, developing the relationship between school, family and community by building partnerships;
    • Optimising education in rural areas;
    • Making education more effective for children in need;
    • Management of meetings, etc.

ACTIVITY WITH CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE, developed over the last 5 years, which has been carried out directly by teachers and managers, mainly involved in the Centre’s activities.