The Center has a wide portofolio of training programs, projects and offers educational consultancy. According to beneficiaries request, the services include the following:

  • Needs assessment;
  • Developing of educational programs;
  • Developing of analytical programs for the courses;
  • Developing of didactic materials for the courses;
  • Developing of assessment materials and instruments;
  • Designing and organizing of training activities;
  • Educational consultancy;

Fields of expertise include:

  • Teacher training:
    • Psychopedagogy;
    • Psychology;
    • General didactics;
    • Didactics of school objects;
    • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking Development;
    • Education for values;
    • Intercultural education, Education for Understanding Otherness, Tolerance and Social Integration
  • Training of school managers:
    • General Management;
    • Educational Management.
  • Training of trainers;
  • Personal development:
    • Efficient communication and abilities of introducing;
    • Personal marketing.
    • Needs assessment;
    • Human resources training;
    • Designing and developing of curriculum materials (for the base curriculum and the curriculum at school decision);
    • Assessment of the developed materials and their functioning in the educational institutions;
    • Using theoretical and practical experiences in improving educational policies and curriculum documents
    • Problem setting;
    • Participative designing of the strategies of organizational development for assuring quality in education;
    • Development of school-community relation;
    • Improving education in rural areas;
    • Improving education for children in need.