In the first decades of April, the professors from the University of Comrat, involved in the project “Promotion and development of intercultural education in the initial training of future pedagogical students”, implemented by C.E. PRO DIDACTICA, with the support of the “Pestalozzi” Foundation from Switzerland, promotes intercultural education through distance learning, on the Moodle and Zoom platforms.

Thus, professors Dmitri UZUN and Galina MUTAF, from the Faculty of National Culture, included the EIC component in the discipline of Gagauz language and culture, facilitating training in various humanities, with a number of about 50 students from year 1. His individual activity carried out according to the approved curriculum, including didactic tasks such as: collecting information from elderly people, stories about various holidays of representatives of different ethnicities, cultures from the student’s hometown (village / town); write an essay with the theme (optional): The most significant popular holiday / My favorite custom in my family / Description of the oldest family photo.

The themes, content and learning tasks aroused a special interest in students, who enthusiastically told about the development of various ethnic holidays that take place in their hometowns, demonstrating understanding, knowledge, skills and attitudes appropriate to intercultural education.

The problems related to language barriers and the difficulties of distance learning (online), server work, but also the existence of limited information in the Gagauz language.

Professor Olga TERZI, from the same faculty, developed the intercultural competence in the discipline of Music, including the topic Intercultural education through the musical repertoire, examples of students’ interpretation can be heard HERE.

Finally, we appreciate the impact of the actions in the project in the multicultural context of Gagauz autonomy and we hope that students and teachers in educational institutions, where students work and will work, benefit from it and expand it in the long term.

Notes: project expert Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ and local coordinator Maria IANIOGLO

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