EDUCATION PLATFORM: Managerial and teaching staff from Ungheni developed their teamwork skills

The Soft Skills Club of the EDUCATION PLATFORM added to its track record a new sequence of training carried out with the involvement of participants in the TRAINING OF TRAINERS training. The activity, with the generic TEAMWORK – THE ADVANTAGE OF THE MODERN WORLD, took place on February 10, at the MIHAI EMINESCU Theoretical High School in Ungheni, and was moderated by Elena CREANGĂ and Veronica ROTARI, trainers trained in the project.

Based on the structuring model of the Evocation – Realization of meaning – Reflection – Extension approach, the two training sessions were focused on addressing the following topics: Team. Stages of team development; Factors inhibiting and stimulating teamwork; Theoretical premises of the organization, implementation and evaluation of cooperative learning activities; The library as a model of cooperation in the didactic process: formative values in the development of the personality of primary school students; Cooperation with the library as a modern alternative for organizing learning; Applications. BELBIN test on teamwork etc.

The activity is part of the EDUCATION PLATFORM project of the European Union TRUST-PROMOTING MEASURES program, implemented by UNDP Moldova, in partnership with the PRO DIDACTICA Educational Center (coordinator – Lilia NAHABA) and the RAZVITIE Educational Center, Tiraspol. The current phase, carried out between March 2022 and May 2023, aims to develop the social skills of teaching and managerial staff on both banks of the Dniester.

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