Consept4One of the main objective of the component “Organizational Development”,  implemented by PRO DIDACTICA, is to support  9 vocational schools in developing strategic plans in order  improve their functioning.

In this context, the Centre have organized and conducted a series of training activities during October 2012 – February 2013.

Management teams of the 9 institutions were involved in interactive activities. The seminars include both issues related to awareness of the need and importance of implementing strategic management as well as content about design and logical structure of the SDP. Participants identified key factors that contribute to the organization’s vital capacity, and have updated knowledge on the basic components of the development plan: mission statement and vision of the institution, SWOT analysis, PEST. Also they identified and prioritized problems and formulated strategic directions to be included in the school development plans.

Training activities were facilitated throughout the training of trainers-experts with extensive experience in strategic planning, including Sergiu Lîsenco, Valentina Chicu, Gheorghe Girnet, Lia Sclifos, Rima Bezede,Victor Sînchetru.

After each training module administrative teams have organized workshops in their institutions and have developed participatory SDP components. An important support in this has served materials developed by trainers and exchange of experience between the teams during meetings at Pro Didactica.

The following project activities will take place in schools. Trainers will go to institutions within couching visits and will support them in process of plans development.

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