We are announcing youth organizations about the development of a program originally meant for youth organizations „European integration for you”, proposed within the project „European Lessons”, which had the target group of high school students (16-18 years old) as well as for 18-29 year olds, to encourage them to find out more about the European Union values, about its history and politics, helping them to understand and to admit the importance of democratic countries communities for each of them. The projects purpose was to update and to create educational programs for the development of european values and the aquision of information about the european integration process. The authors of the course support are Rodica Eşanu and Eugenia Negru, high school teachers, experienced trainers at the centre.

The aim of the project was to create premises for the development of european values and to recognize european integration processes in Georgia and the Republic of Moldova. Our partners were the Center of Modern Didactics from Vilnius, Lituania, and „School-Family-Society” from Tbilisi, Georgia.

Key activities of the project were the updating and piloting of the optional discipline „Education for european integration” for the high school program, the development of a program and some aditional material for youth organizations, as well as carrying out a training program addressed to the teachers for the implementation of that optional discipline.

The students, the beneficiaries, for which was designed and updated the discipline „Education for european integration”, showed that they are interested in the world around them, in other cultures, that they are able to explain and to understand political, economic and social problems. Those who we propose the current program represent different formal and non-formal organisations for the youth, being chosen according to their availability to actively involve young people, responsible from a civic point of view, who educate the members from their own organization, in order to improve and consolidate. The third group of beneficiaries, the high school teachers, have participated at the training programs aimed to teach the way of using the project results (the curriculum and support materials), but also have the goal to initiate community partnerships, to cooperate with young people from the region in order to know better the values, practices and the european documents.

We propose eight interesting and unique scenarios of activities for youth for contextual use and adaptation, hoping to bring back the european spirit and justified and conscious youth aspirations for choosing the european vector for the country development.

Coordinator: Viorica Goraş-Postică


(Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ, Rodica EȘANU, Eugenia NEGRU)


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