Project realized in the framework EU-funded Program “Support to Confidence Building Measures” (SCBM) and implemented by UNDP.

Area of implementation: Communities on both sides of the river

Implementation period: December 2016 – March 2018

Implementers: Pro Didactica will implement this project in consortium with CONTACT Centre and Center of Innovative Educational and Social Programs of Transnistria.

The project goal: To establish a specialized platform and partnership in education, aiming at harnessing the confidence building of implemented infrastructural projects and enhancing the cross-river collaboration between beneficiary communities from both banks of Nistru.

General objectives of the project

  • To establish and strengthen the educational platform based on already existing or newly created initiatives.
  • To support the creation and overall coordination of the activities within the Education Platform.
  • Enhancing the communication between the beneficiary institutions through the joint capacity building activities.
  • To support the establishment of minimum 8 cross-river partnerships on education area through the implementation of joint projects founded through small-grant program and managed through Education platform
  • To extend and enhance cross-river and confidence building activities between institutions and communities from both banks of the river.

Main activities:

  • Selection of the Education Platform members.
  • Carry out the needs assessment process
  • Systematic organization of joint activities, including workshops, mentoring sessions, study visits and thematic meetings on both sides of the consortium members and beneficiary institutions;
  • Conducting thematic trainings, based on current expectations, with the participation of 25 representatives of the beneficiary institutions on both banks;
  • Carry out study visit tour to one EU country

Lilia NAHABA, project coordinator