Consept_copAccording to the annual plan of activities, from March to June 2013, within the CONSEPTproject, Organizational Development component are conducted consulting visits. The project is implemented by Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA with financial support of the Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation.

The main goal of the visits is to provide professional support to managerial teams, of the 9 schools involved in the project, on improving and finalizing the plan. The activities are organized by managerial teams of vocational schools and are facilitated by PRO DIDACTICA experts. In each institution will be conducted three visits. During them trainers will provide consultations to the teams, there will be discussed and updated theoretical and requirements for development of SDP, will be provided practical recommendations to improve the plan components, thus contributing the completion of these important strategic documents. It is important to mention that during this process of consultation and collegial exchange of views is progress both in terms of results, as well as in terms of relationships (increase group cohesion, strengthen team spirit and so on).
Working group of institutions that have already occurred such activities have demonstrated interest and commitment, perseverance in achieving objectives and, very important, a thorough understanding of the process and methodology of developing a strategic document. Teams will present the final version of SDP’s for editing and approval in June month.

Project Coordinator