Projects sponsored by SOROS Foundation-Moldova

  • Modernization of Humanities Education program – 1998-2000
  • Development of National Curriculum and Teacher Training for lyceum  (in partnership  with Ministry of Education from Republic of Moldova – 1999
  • Modernization of Pre-University Education2001-2002
  • Internet PRO EDUCATION – 1999-2002 (
  • Education through Internet for Informatics as a school subject – 2002
  • Cooperative Learning – 2002-2003
  • Learning Schools, learning communities – 2003-2005
  • Tolerance and social integration. Information and training – 2003-2005
  • Education for gender equity and equal chances – 2006
  • Education for  European Integration – 2006
  • Measuring Institutional Capacities – Enhancing Regional Cooperationin partnership with EURASIA Foundation, Moldova Representative Office and NGO PRO CONCEPT, Belgrade, Serbia – 2007

Projects sponsored by SOROS Foundation-Moldova, OSI New York and International Reading Association

  • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking at pre-university level – 1998-2002
  • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking at university level – 2003-2004
  • Reading and Writing for Critical Thinking in university level education – 2004-2005

Projects sponsored by USA Embassy in Moldova

  • Education for understanding otherness. Optional course for high schools and universities, focused on promotion of tolerance and understanding otherness through literature of nationalities that cohabitate in R. Moldova (Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Gagauz, Bulgarian) – 2003-2005

Projects sponsored by High Commissioner on National Minorities of the O.S.C.E. (Hague)

  • Teaching Romanian as a state language in minority schools. Teacher Training Program – 2001-2003
  • Teaching Romanian as a state language in minority schools. Teacher Training Program -2004

Projects sponsored by Council of Europe, Confidence Building Measures Program

  • Promoting Tolerance and Understanding of Diversity Program. Tools for language teachers. – 2005-2006

Projects sponsored by Open Society Institute through RE:FINE Program (Budapest)

  • A Future for our Children. Involving communities in social integration of children from disintegrated families – 2005-2007
  • Academic Success for Roma Children (in partnership with Etnocultural Diversity Resource Center, Cluj, Romania – 2006-2007

Projects sponsored by Charles Stuart Mott Foundation

  • Education for community development. Development of an optional course for high schools and teacher training program (in partnership with Educational Program Step by Step) – 2005-2006

Projects sponsored by National Center CONTACT through funds offered Peace Building Framework

  • Partnership for a qualitative education – 2006-2007

Projects sponsored by World Bank, Ministry of Education and Youth from Republic of Moldova

  • Quality Education in Rural Area from Republic of Moldova. Component: Improvement of teaching-learning in rural schools on the basis of new lyceum curriculum – 2007
  • Education for All – Fast-Track Initiatives: Component Professional Development of Pre-school Managers – 2007

Projects sponsored by LED – Foundation Liechtenstein Development Services

  • A future for our children – 2007-2008