On 26-27 December, inside PRO DIDACTICA Educational Centre, was held the seminar on assessment and certification of training program participants “Strengthening local NGOs through community partnerships”, of the project with the same title, offered through the State Department of the United States. The project aims to contribute to strengthening local NGOs (associations of parents) by initiating community partnerships in rural areas.

Six rural NGOs: AO, Agronomovca, Ungheni AOPP Unţeşti, Ungheni, AO Paladium, Voloviţa, Soroca APP Ulmu, Ialoveni, AO, Cuşmirca, Soldanesti, APP Zirnesti, Cahul received training writing and implementing educational projects, exchange of experience and each a grant of 1000 U.S. dollars, necessary to achieve a local project in order to solve concrete problems faced by parents or school association that it operates. The priority issues were related to supporting children from socially vulnerable families, and among project beneficiaries are children, parents, school and community as a whole.

At this evaluation seminar, project teams consisting of school and community managers, teachers, presented and evaluated local developed projects. It was also provided last stage of training on pedagogical issues related to the work of NGOs, project evaluation and the role of team work in implementation of the projects.

Local teams training program was held in October-December 2012, and local projects will be implemented in the period January-May 2013. The 24 participants in the program have been certified in general pedagogy and educational project management.

Project coordinator:.Viorica Goras-Postică, tel. 069366848, 54 25 56