Study visit to Râjcova, in the context of adult education for sustainable development


Recently, within the Erasmus + research project, we made a documentation visit to Râjcova locality from Criuleni district, where we got to know closely the results and the process of several sustainable development initiatives, carried out here by the associative sector, in partnership with the LPA, economic agents and members of the local community.

We were pleasantly surprised by the EcoVillage Moldova complex (, in general, but also by the Ecological Training Center, in particular, which promotes and demonstrates good practices in several fields of training and personal and community development, under the comprehensive umbrella of sustainable development: healthy lifestyle, permaculture, organic farming, organic construction, vegetarian or vegan dishes, dehydrated fruits, dried herbs, etc.

Dumpsters for separate waste collection, opportunities to involve the villagers in providing accommodation and meals, the hiking route to Ivancea, Women’s Club – are some attractions for the villagers, but also for tourists from the country and abroad. The four buildings on the territory of EcoVillage Moldova are built in an ancient traditional style, made of ecological materials. Thus, here we can visit, and find out interesting and useful things about the residential building, where 2 families live, including that of the community founder, Liliana Botnaru, the Mushroom house and the two separate rooms with two accommodations upstairs. Obviously, the asylum for horses, saved from slaughter, impresses, but also the Educational Center, which can be rented by companies and other interested people for their own events.

The initiatives debated in detail with Ms. L. Botnaru, but also with the Secretary of the City Hall, Mr. D. Goncear, are fully in line with the European concept of Bildung, which wants to be rehabilitated and widely used today, as a vital necessity in adult education and in the sustainable development of communities ( The Bildung illustrated by us through good practices in Râjcova, is a combination of education, knowledge necessary to thrive in the society and moral and emotional maturity, to manifest both as a member of a team or community, and to develop your own autonomy, meeting the knowledge of your own roots and the individual’s ability to imagine their future.

Viorica Goraș-Postică, project researcher

Viorica Goraș-Postică, cercetător în proiect