Within the project „A future for our children”, the work site visits are being organized. The project trainers are participating to the activities that are being organized by class-teachers from the South part of the Republic, beneficiaries of the Scholarship Program.
These activities approach different aspects of the problem of children dumped at home as a result of their parents going abroad to work. In order to accomplish the project’s specific objectives – pupils, parents, community members etc. are involved in the activities.

The participants acknowledge that thousands of families from the country got left in a stubborn reality and their situation continues to get worsen. The migration process can’t be stopped. Then the drama of the respective category of children remains to persist. In many cases, the only persons to help and to know the problems of these children are the teachers…
Thus, on January 28, 2008, at the Theoretical Lyceum Nr.2 from Vulcăneşti, Ms. Nadejda Mocanu, school psychologist, organized and conducted debates on elucidating and acknowledging of the pseudo liberty situation of the children from disintegrated families during advising class ”Freedom – Myth or Reality”.
On January 29, 30 and February 4, the site-visits were developed as follows: at the Theoretical Lyceum Dezghinja, Comrat; Theoretical Lyceum ”M.Guboglo” and charity-school from Ceadîr-Lunga, using the guide ”I’m Learning to Be”. The problems of risky situations and drugs were discussed. Also, were identified eventual proper solutions concerning building up their future.
Violeta Dumitrascu,
Project Coordinator