img_47During May – July, 2008, during the CONSEPT project, the “Organizational Development” component, the site coaching/consultancy activities took place.
The purpose of implementing these activities was to contribute to the improvement of School Development Plans by assuring professional support and assistance to the administrative teams.

During the visits in those 4 pilot-schools (PS from Floresti, PS from Marculesti, PS Nr. 1 from Cupcini and PS Nr.17 from Glodeni), the expert trainers have organized consultancy sessions, in which theoretical aspects have been discussed and actualized, as well as the requirements on elaborating the SDPs.    Each team has presented the SDP draft that was considerably improved until these visits. The successful elaboration of SDP was ensured due to some efficient activities, organized by the teams in their own institutions. This contributed to an increased level of group cohesion and the team spirit. The members of all those 4 pilot-schools have proved to be interested, active and responsible for achieving the initially established objectives. In the process of consultancy, the expert-trainers have provided useful suggestions and recommendations for each SDP draft. Until this moment, a sound part of SDP components were completed, including Mission, Vision, SWOT and PEST analyses.
At the end of august, the last visits are going to be organized, during which the involved teams will have the opportunity to present the already elaborated SDPs and to make the final modifications according to trainers’ suggestions and recommendations.