ggz2On the 3rd of December 2011, the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA organized the final activity within the project „Improving State Language Teaching in Gagauzia,implemented with the support of the High Commissioner for National Minorities of the OSCE and the Federal Office for Foreign Affairs of Germany. The project was focussed specifically on providing a training program for teachers from Gagauzia, which teach Romanian ​​in primary school.

After a period of application in the classroom of the things learnt during the teachers training, 109 teachers met during the follow-up activity, for sharing the experience gained & the exchange of good practices. The activity took place at the Lyceum”G. Gaidarji” from Comrat.
The participants have mentioned that their involvement in the training program which took place during 10-14 October and 30 October-4 November 2011 in Chisinau, contributed to the improvement of their methodological competencies for teaching-learning-evaluation of the Romanian language in primary school, by this optimizing the instructive-educative process.
During 3 sessions, the teachers have presented their didactical projects applied in the classroom, showing great abilities in planning of the didactical process according ERRE concept, in the correct and adequate using of techniques and didactic methods, in assuring a good class management, in the good use of the illustrative materials, also holding account to the children’s age particularities etc.

The teachers participating in the activity and also the representatives from the Educational Department of Gagauzia and APL expressed their wish to continue their collaboration with the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA for the optimization of teaching the Romanian language not only in primary schools, but also in secondary schools.


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