The 2nd and 3rd issue of the informative bulletin for inclusive education Including me was released, published by the Day Center Speran?a, in partnership with Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA. This publication aims to promote social inclusion of the children with disabilities from the Republic of Moldova, because, as Mrs. Lucia GAVRILI??, vice minister of Social Protection, Family and Child, has mentioned in the interview from 2nd issue: The inclusion is very important it is needed to understand a fundamental thing: a child with disability goes to school, first of all, to form communication abilities, in order to feel a member of the society. The inclusion aims to the childs socialization and to increasing the self-esteem, to building abilities to become an active member of the society. Each child has the inalienable right to study, academic skills arent a condition in this case.

From the summary of the 2nd issue of the bulletin:

  • V.COJOCARU, “A Chance for Everybody”
  • “The inclusion of the children with disabilities in the pre-university institutions from the Republic of Moldova. Concept Project”
  • “The Reorganization of the residential system will bring advantages for the children with special needs that weren’t institutionalized…”, interview with L.Gavriliţă, vice-minister of Social Protection, Family and Child
  • N.CRISTEA, “PRO SUCCES Gymnasium”
  • Glossary

From the summary of the 2rd issue of the bulletin:

  • V. COJOCARU, “Day Center “Speranţa” – a world where disabilities and abilities become possibilities”
  • G. COJOCARU, The study “Situation of Children with Disabilities from Chişinău”
  • T. JALBĂ, “Less Obstacles – More Chances”
  • T.VASIAN, “The Inclusion Practices in Labor Market”


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