During May 25-26, the members of an educational network HeartsCam created by Dr. David Frost, professor the famous British university, Cambridge, had the opportunity to attend a large event held in Fruska Gora (Serbia). In this context promotes the vision of extended professionalism of teachers that can do much more than just teach the class. They are true visionaries have advanced capacity for reflection, are free to share, researches, promotes novelty and leadership skills facilitating constructive collaboration with teachers, peers, enhancing professional satisfaction from their performance.

In the plenary session, participants mentioned the importance of these network meetings that contribute to community socialization of teachers interested in professional development and provides a framework for recovery success stories of teachers-leaders. Supporting the professional development of teachers in different countries is purposeful catalyze change / optimize school in varied perspectives. Interest for Educational Leadership concept comes from the need to improve the professional growth of teachers. Educational Leadership offers the opportunity to build a common vision, shared by the international teaching community, town, local initiatives, isolated, not enough to really contribute to redefining professional development process. It’s good to have the same vision, share the idea of ​​professional development, with a focus on innovation, enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation.

HeartsCam network extends worldwide success: every year there are new schools, new teachers who are certified, are organized events in schools, national and international masters program operates, Doctoral School of serious research in the field.

One of the major objectives of educational leadership is to develop professional identity through the accent on significant learning. It encourages deep reflection, planning, supporting each other, learning about learning, learning about leadership, documentation and report writing professional development, etc. Teachers learn from each other, which is very important. Frequent workshops, poster sessions, with discussion and questions, blogs, publications are several forms of support educational leadership.

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