On 31 October 2017, over 30 teachers from 16 educational institutions from different localities of the country participated in a training program in order to continue the professional ability to teach the new optional discipline “The Culture of Good Neighborhood”, in fourth grade. The seminar took place within the project “Peace education through promoting Culture of Good Neighborhood in Primary School”, implemented throughout the Republic of Moldova, including the Transnistrian region, with the financial support of the international network for peacebuilding – GPPAC (The Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflicts) www.gppac.net. The objectives of the activity include: facilitating an exchange of experience on the intermidiary outcomes of piloting curricular content and related interactive methodology, extending the teachers’ competences for teaching the optional discipline “The Culture of Good Neighborhood” in the fourth grade with the title “My Country- my pride”, but also the analytic and interactive scrutiny of curricular contents for the 2nd semester.

The activity was opened by the principal consultant of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Mrs. Alla NIKITCENKO, who appreciates the usefulness and uniqueness of this discipline in the schools on both banks of the Nistru river. Mrs. Daniela STATE, as a core trainer and co-author of curriculum and didactic materials, facilitated the exchange of experience between teachers and demonstrated the innovative learning network practices with students and of approach to curricular contents.

Teachers presented the results of the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2017, as a pioneering initiative in schools and communities, including Pro Peace Campaigns in different localities. In this context, we appreciate the activities carried out by Mrs. Nadejda TORLAC and Mrs. Svetlana CERNIOGLO, primary school from Baurci village, Ceadâr Lunga, as well as by Mrs.Lilia FRIPTU from the high school “Olimp” Puhăceni, Anenii Noi and Mrs. Elena BEJENARI from the high school “Vlad Ioviţă” Cocieri, Dubasari. The children voices of glorifying the peace, through song, painting and poetry, and their hands, which launched the pigeons, as a universal millennial symbol, remain the reference sequences of the world celebration, which, through this discipline, received special connotation. Another important aspect of the meeting was focused on reviewing the strengths in the curriculum and textbooks, as well as the problems that have arisen.

Thus, the students noted that these lessons are very interesting, they learn new things about the history and culture of the country, about their different neighbors and that although they are different, they still feel equal and thanks the authors for the effort, wishing them health and inspiration. The didactical staff, in turn enjoyed the opportunity to review their colleagues by watching an original lesson taught by a teacher from school no. 8 from Tiraspol, followed by a brief analysis, which highlighted several original aspects. Finally, it was acknowledged that the opportunity to know different experiences and opinions of colleagues enriched and advantage them, giving them a clear perspective on the skills to be formed by students until the end of the fourth grade through this optional discipline, thereby increasing the impact of education for peace through the qualitative learning of the culture of good neighborhood.

Project coordinator