The Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA  team of trainers began on July 15 mentor training in early education under the contract signed with the Ministry of Education no. CQS-03/A.3.2.2a  within the project “Global Partnership for Education.”
104 experts in the field of 105 (shift 1) participate in training mentors, mentoring representatives of  Mentoring Centres created in the republic framework to support the professional development of staff.

The objectives of the training program for mentors focuses on addressing fundamental issues in adult education mentoring and continuing professional development of teachers and management of the garden mentor on operational activities by providing functional tools of observation, counselling, debriefing etc.
Mentor training activity is conducted through interactive methods, focusing on training vocational skills fair approach to all educational actors, creating a friendly environment for learning / development, including the development of competencies:

  • Active observation;
  • Communication and empathic listening;
  • Pedagogical counselling;
  • Encourage personal and professional development;
  • Self-development and self-improvement.

In this context, promoting mentoring as a learning process that builds a mutual relationship based on mutual aid and growth is focused on providing professional and emotional support, which set professional goals, objectives difficult, challenging experiences. The benefits come not only in the quantity or quality of knowledge and skills, but also the learning process itself, construction and development.
The final results of the program include qualitative training of 260 educators, managers and 40 inspectors in the field of early education, the prospect of involvement in providing mentoring services locally for each teacher.

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