On the 20th of December current year, at Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, there was held a follow-up session of the training module of adult education trainers, organized by EC PRO DIDACTICA, since October to December. The participants were greeted by Rima BEZEDE, the president of the Centre and by Adela SCUTARU-GUȚU, executive director of DVV International-Moldova, who gave more details regarding the activity of DVV at an international and national level. On behalf of DVV beneficiaries in Moldova, has spoken Ina VUTCARIOV, from A.O. “Viața Noastră”, presenting the results of 2 projects for adult education in prisons.

The interactive session has put in discussion our potential at the moment and which we could further exploit in the area of adult education (AE), including the collaboration with DVV International and EC PRO DIDACTICA. Interactive session discussed the potential we have at the moment and we can capitalize further in adult education, including cooperation with DVV International and EC PRO DIDACTICA. Participants opined that it is gratifying that we have: human resources (trainers and psychologists); organizations, communities potentially involved; equipment and facilities available in our organizations; experience in project activities; donors; seniors (with many ideas, enthusiasm); heterogeneous groups of beneficiaries; valuable ideas for projects; available volunteers; demographic trend etc. The second aspect was focused on the way we can apply the learned in the training modules from PRO DIDACTICA in each participating organization. Participants consider: providing a second chance for those who have left the system without graduating; to create the National Association for Adult Education; to open more centers EA (locals, regionals); adapting the status and mission of NGOs in AE; we need legal consulting and financial management in creating associations; intensive and extensive popularization of the concept of adult education; let’s do more training activities in project writing for AE, marketing etc.; creating networks, forums; learn to become producers not only consumers of foreign funds; to initiate the celebration of the AE Day in our communities; continue to engage database creation and meetings at least yearly; to organize a national workshop with all stakeholders (M.E.); to meet more often in many common activities.

We conclude that it was a useful and consistent activity and it is necessary to continue to work on the AE areas suggested by participants, especially because there is greater openness and collaborative engagement.