We announce the release of the methodological guide “Intercultural Education through the Culture of Good Neighborhood”, intended for teachers in primary and secondary education.

The work was elaborated in the Romanian and Russian languages, within the project “Extension of the implementation for the optional discipline” Culture of good neighborhood “in schools in the Republic of Moldova – 2019”, which was implemented by EC PRO DIDACTICA (www.prodidactica.md),  in cooperation with the international global partnership network for the prevention of armed conflicts, Eastern Europe area – GPPAC www.gppac.net.

Sponsor:  Nonviolence  International https://washingtonpeacecenter.org/ag_nonviolenceinternational

The book begins with an executive summary of the projects that supported the innovation given in the educational context of the Republic of Moldova, and subsequently, the authors V. Goraș-Postică, D. State and A. Nikitcenko offer detailed methodical suggestions on the teaching-learning of the curricular contents both at this elective course, as well as at other school disciplines in the primary and secondary classes (Personal Development, Moral-spiritual Education, Education for Society, etc.), with concrete examples from the National Curriculum, 2018-2019 edition.

Published in a print run of 200 copies, the Guide will be distributed as a donation to all interested teachers, as far as the available stock is concerned. In this regard, we invite those who wish to raise the donation personally or centrally, in the person of the specialists responsible for the primary education / methodical cabinets from the district and municipal directions of education. The person delegated to pick up the donation will present the identity document and the list of institutions and classes in the school / district / municipality, where the discipline or the teachers are taught, who have recently passed through the training programs and intend to teach it in the coming year studies.

The electronic version of the Guide will receive the status of an open educational resource and can be downloaded HERE. 

Coordinator: V. Goraș-Postică
Phone number: 069366848