On the 22nd of August, this current year, the deputy principals from the Anenii Noi district met on the GoogleMeet platform in a seminar dedicated to intercultural education in school. The project coordinator and trainer V. Goraș-Postică pursued interactively with the participants the following objectives: familiarizing teachers with the specifics of intercultural education in middle school classes, analytical reading of curricular content suitable for the intercultural approach from compulsory socio-human disciplines, including Education for society, Personal development, etc.; developing intercultural competence, starting from specific multicultural contexts.

Together with the primary school teachers, who will teach the optional academic subject “Culture of Good Neighborhood” and the managers in question will benefit along the time period of one semester from an extensive information and training program within the project Extending peace education through the discipline “Culture of Good Neighborhood” in the schools of the Republic of Moldova – 2020,,  implemented by CE PRO DIDACTICA, with the support of development partners from the GPPAC network, based in The Hague ( and Non Violence International from the USA.

Assessing their level of intercultural competence at the initial stage and being informed about its benefits on a personal and professional level, practitioners will continue to work in schools, developing in students but also in their colleagues, tolerance and respect, interest and responsibility for ethnic, religious, social diversity in the institution and in the community, contributing to the improvement of intercultural education and peace education. The multitude of digital resources on the topic, placed at: will serve as a substantial support in these difficult times of relationships and coexistence.

Finally, teachers also received assignments for the certification activity and were asked to propose additional digital resources, including filmed sequences of lessons/activities, PPTs and original educational scenarios to be placed on, for the exchange of experience and in the help of other colleagues, benefiting, instead, from an electronic publication.

Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ, project coordinator