edu-tolk (2)

Policies and approaches, process and learning environment, means and resources, knowledge and skills, teacher and student, tradition and innovation: What is happening, why is it happening, how should it happen? How do we prepare young people for life and profession, how do we motivate them, what values ​​do we educate them for? What are we doing well and what should we change?

Education … A topic that concerns us all continues to be debated at Edu Tolk. The PRO DIDACTICA Educational Center, in partnership with Ellation, is launching the second season of the show. It comes back with a concept and rethought format, but with the same plea for future education.

From December 18 this year, a new round of searches, breaks and leaks, analyzes and syntheses begins. The Edu Tolk show, moderated by Michelle Iliev, will appear once a month and can be watched on Youtube channel, facebook page and E.C. PRO DIDACTICA.

We talk about education and topics that are important to you.