Efficient knowledge transfer in the field of intercultural education


At the end of last week, more than 30 representatives of partner universities in the project supported by the Pestalozzi Foundation of Switzerland “Promotion and development of intercultural education (EIC) in the initial training of teachers”, phase II, met at a workshop to share the institutional experiences of developing educational skills with various actors in education.

The transfer activities of the pedagogical acquisitions regarding EIC took place mainly in the EIC Resource Teaching Centers, equipped in each university, with the involvement of professors and students from the faculties with socio-humanistic profile from the State University ” A. Russo ”from Bălți, the State University of Moldova, the State University“ Ion Creangă ”from Chisinau, the State University of Tiraspol based in Chisinau, the State University of Comrat, the State University“ Gr. Țamblac ”from Tarcalia and the State University„ B.P.Hașdeu ”from Cahul.

Among the most common interactive teaching activities are, first of all, practical lessons, demonstrative practices, in which a wide range of materials are widely used, including literature on the subject, training, and consultations on internships in schools. and kindergartens, discussion clubs, professional dialogues, round tables with practitioners, national and international scientific conferences, etc. Obviously, the 3 universities, in the second stage of the project, have advanced experiences of EIC and, respectively, presented various good practices at the level of institution, municipalities, but also extrapolated abroad.

We aim to continue the transfer of innovative and useful acquisitions for the professionalization of teachers and managers. We will also intensify the exchange of experience between institutions and raise awareness among as many children, pupils, educators, teachers, and managers about the urgent need to develop intercultural skills and adapt to various multicultural and multilingual contexts.