On November 16, 2020, in the educational institutions from Anenii Noi district, educational activities were organized on the occasion of the International Day of Tolerance. In the lessons of Education for Society, Personal Development and Optional Classes Culture of Good Neighborhood, were proposed objectives to inform students about the need for tolerance in society and to help children understand the negative effects of intolerance. It was also recalled that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaims that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion” (art. 18), “opinion and expression” (art. 19) and that training must promote understanding , tolerance and friendship between all nations and all racial or religious groups ” (art. 26).

The children were urged to self-evaluate their behavior, the relationships they develop with those around them and to realize that they are all equal. Various activities have been carried out to send messages to promote tolerance in society. ”It was gratifying that many children already knew that November 16 was dedicated to the International Day of Tolerance, so they became interested in the proposed activities. This day was welcomed because students were once again reminded about human values, the importance of showing empathic, tolerant behavior and the need to promote tolerance among all citizens, “said local project coordinators Mariana Cracan and Val. Slobozian.

In this context, we mention the following thematic events in the institutions:

  • IP LT Andrei Straistă Anenii Noi: the teachers elaborated the “scenario” for organizing and conducting the World Tolerance Day, after which they conducted social classes or 15-minute sequences at the beginning of other lessons, conducting surveys: “What do adult people know about the World Day of Tolerance ”, later publishing in the high school newspaper “ ProHyperion ” materials on the given subject.
  • IP LT Mihai Eminescu Anenii Noi, apart from the classes similar in theme to those of the previous institution, but for all classes, it is worth mentioning the Drawing Contest, the round tables, but also the opening of the World Tolerance Day Information Panel.
  • IP G Floreni: Drawing exhibition: Be the first one to tolerate the society with students in grades I – VII and the opening of the World Tolerance Day Information Panel, with the involvement of primary school teachers and art teacher, deputy director Maria Cebanu, Personal development classes: Tolerance means Education-Respect-Respect in several classes.
  • IP G Roşcani, the Personal Development classes included a varied thematic spectrum, such as Tolerance-attitude formed after the recognition of the fundamental rights of others; Tolerant and non-discriminatory behavior in relationships; All human beings are born free, equal in dignity and rights in middle school and What is tolerance? Tolerance and respect for children’s rights Love gives birth to tolerance, Tolerance gives birth to peace! – in primary school, but also watching and discussing short films of an educational nature – Tolerance prevents discrimination. The teachers were actively involved here, but also Val-na Porcescu with the deputy director for education – Tatiana Dimitriu.

The activities took place within the GPPAC project, implemented by CE PRO DIDACTICA, in partnership with the Education Department of Anenii Noi – “Expanding education for peace through the culture of good neighborhood in schools in Anenii Noi district – 2020”.

Coordinator: Viorica Goraș-Postică