Educational center PRO DIDACTICA implementing the project For qualitative reforms in education. Planned activities will take place between   July 2014 – January 2015 and are part of a broader technical assistance provided by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova by the Open Society Foundations.

The project aims is to support the development and strengthening of policies / educational reforms in Moldova through public discussion at local level and to articulate the position of community actors by this process. Objectives are focused on the involvement of social actors (parents, teachers, representatives of Local Public Administration, decision makers from various educational bodies, NGOs, initiative groups) in a public discussion about the opportunities of educational reforms and the current reforms educational to raise awareness for their qualitative implementation locally.

Key activities of the project include: local public discussion for education community and stakeholders: parents, local, social partners, teachers etc.; thematic roundtables; thematic topics in  Făclia and Didactica Pro, sites PRO DIDACTICA, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova; cycles of interviews (Radio, TV); promotion of reforms and qualitative changes through  information materials (brochures, flyers).

The most important expected results mentioned:

  • highly level of information on the need and importance of community actors educational reforms;
  • constructive and sustainable dialogue to raise awareness of the role of reforms implemented up to now and clarify local conditions and prerequisites to all actants;
  • personal benefits of community / society  of project participants through a correct understanding of the essence of the reforms and how they directly concern him as a parent, community member, citizen;
  • 10 meetings for educational and community actors (in 5 regional centers and five rural communities);
  • 300 people attended the local seminar for educational and community stakeholders;
  •  3 regional workshops organized with the participation of various community stakeholders to strengthen and promote educational policies;
  • 60 participants in the round tables;
  • 3 Key issues / policy papers discussed at the round tables: Education Code, Strategy 2020, Strategy of sector decentralization, Optimization of the school network;
  • 3 texts with recommendations for effective implementation of the document at different levels promoted in the section of project and in other media channels.

Lilia Nahaba,
Project Coordinator