Location of the project: Republic of Moldova, the both riversides of the Dniester

Implementation period: 1 February 2021 – 15 December 2021

Total budget: 16 000 USD

Budget administered by CE PRO DIDACTICA: 5 640 USD

Implementators: UNDP Moldova, in partnership with the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA and the Center for Innovative Educational and Social Programs in the Transnistrian Region, Tiraspol

Donor:  European Union, European Union Program “Confidence-Building Measures”

The project’s goal: To create the conditions for the organization of hybrid education for students on both banks of the Dniester, in terms of remote access to educational services.


  1. Development of methodology, training modules and recommendations on hybrid training;
  2. Conducting thematic seminars (webinars) for teachers and managers on both banks of the Dniester on hybrid training, methodology for conducting hybrid training, etc .;
  3. Organizing master classes on planning lessons based on the hybrid model;
  4. Conducting workshops on the methodology of working with parents in hybrid learning in school;
  5. Initiation of workshops-workshops for the exchange of experience in conducting hybrid lessons for primary school students, adolescents and graduates;
  6. Creation of the site specialized in Romanian and Russian languages;
  7. Promoting project activities and results on site and social networks;
  8. The final conference for the presentation of the best practices from the project.

Beneficiaries: teachers and managers from the both riversides of the Dniester.