It is implemented within the Network of Educational Policy Centers NEPC, based in Zagreb, Croatia (, by CE PRO DIDACTICA, in parallel with 3 other NGOs: The International Institute for Educational Policy, Planning and Management from Georgia, the Foundation for Supporting Educational Initiatives from Kyrgyzstan and the Educational Alliance from Mongolia.

Implementation period: January-June 2021.

The initiative aims to assess the integrity of educational systems and cases of integrity violations by various educational actors based on the INTES methodology, with evidence collection tools, developed by the Center for Applied Policies and Integrity – CAPI (, within the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia

 Planned activities:

Total budjet: 1.000,00 USD

Project team:
Rima Bezede
Viorica Goraș-Postică (coord.)
Oxana Drăguță