On Friday, April 10, the theme from the PAIDEIA Educational Debates Club was dedicated to the elements of spiritual counseling in the activity of teachers, proposed and facilitated by Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ.

Thus, around 80 participants out of the over 120 pre-registered, completed, at the Evocation phase, a questionnaire of 10 different items, on Google Form, in order to ascertain the attitude, but also the level of knowledge and application of counselors in general and spiritual matters in particular. Also, more than 10 participants asked questions on the topic and we discovered several opinions, ambiguities, regarding this element of novelty in the National Curriculum, 2018-2019 edition.

For the next stages of the learning framework – Meaning, Reflection and Extension – the participants received consistent teaching support, with analysis of educational policy documents and literature in the field, but also methodical recommendations for implementing counseling in the pedagogical context and / or community, based on the selfless promotion of perennial values ​​in Christian morality.

Obviously, an ordinary teacher cannot take the place of a professional counselor or a psychologist, but a certified psycho-pedagogical assistance, as a faithful help and adequate guidance, is obliged, according to the Education Code and other normative acts, to exercise it. Or, more and more children and parents, traumatized, disoriented, need moral support, encouragement and supervision / guidance in difficult situations of daily life.

All the teachers involved also received free certificates, and the resources addressed, including the opinions of practitioners, will be used in the author’s publications, the first of which will appear in the next issue of the magazine Didactica Pro…