Today, August 17, 2020, the PRO DIDACTICA Educational Center begins a new round of training within the continuing education program “Development of digital skills of teachers in technical vocational education” of the Shift Edu project “Digital skills for employment in the modern economy.”

In the first stage, during 5 days, inside the Center of Excellence in Constructions in Chisinau, a training course for trainers will be held with the participation of 17 teachers, from 8 technical vocational education units. The training will continue with another 5 days of seminars organized online, so that in the end the beneficiaries will be ready to deliver training to the teaching staff from the institutions they represent, but also to the one from the system.

The program “Development of digital skills of teachers in technical vocational education” was conceptualized starting with December 2019 together with a team of experts from the State University of Tiraspol and the Technical University of Moldova. We propose that after piloting it be institutionalized within the Center of Excellence in Informatics and Information Technologies.

The European Digital Competence Framework for DigCompEdu Teachers ( ) served as the basis for its conceptualisation. Scientifically based, DigCompEdu provides a general frame of reference that will support the development of digital skills specific to teachers in Europe, from all levels of education, from preschool to higher education, but also for adult education.

This continuous training program comes to contribute to the strengthening of the competencies of the practicing teachers, offering them innovative tools for carrying out all types of educational activities. Its conception is determined by a set of modules in which the components of digital nature (hardware, software, communications, attitudes and behavior) are analyzed multi respectively: Digital competence for development and professional ethics; Digital communication; Digital resources for training; Class management; ICT-assisted assessment, the competencies targeted being: communication skills, relationships and professional commitment; the competence to select, manage and create digital educational resources; ICT-assisted teaching and learning competence; ICT-assisted assessment competence.

The Shift Edu project “Digital skills for employment in the modern economy”, implemented by the Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA between December 2018-November 2021, with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency, aims to integrate information and communication technologies (ICT) in technical vocational education by increasing the support provided to managers, improving the digital skills of teachers, developing digital content for several trades and specialties, the appropriate endowment of institutions, in order to achieve a quality educational process. Its beneficiaries are teachers and managers, but also young people from 6 institutions of technical vocational education, including the Center of Excellence in Informatics and Information Technologies (CEITI).

The Shift Edu Project “Digital Competencies for Hiring in the Modern Economy” is implemented with the financial support of the Austrian Development Agency from the Austrian Development Cooperation Program. Adress:23 Mateevici Street, Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2009 Implemented by EC PRO DIDACTICAAdress:

13 Mateevici Street, Chisinau, Moldova, MD-2012

Austrian Development CooperationAustrian Development Cooperation provides support to countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern and Southeast Europe and the Caribbean for sustainable development. The Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs plans cooperation strategies. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA), the Unified Operational Unit of the Austrian Development Cooperation, implements programs and projects together with the public and private sector and non-governmental organizations.