img_31Within the Scholarship Programme, the follow-up activities for master-teachers from ATU Gagauzia (Autonomous Territorial Unit Gagauzia) and Taraclia region have ended.
On May 16th, the last workshops took place at the Centre, summarizing the work done on field by the teacher-beneficiaries.

During the time period for project objectives achievement, the participants organized within their pedagogical groups, seminars and training sessions, round tables and guided discussions, pedagogical councils and methodical meetings. They put forth the diversity of problems which the children left home alone are confronting with, as well as methods of work with such children and involving them in the range of scholar activities.
The pupils from those schools were involved in thematic trainings, round tables, discussions and supervision classes. For some of them there were also created integration conditions within different social actions and for participating at various interest and sport activities.
A great part of the cursists insisted upon the deployment of meetings and the organizing of working sessions with parents, where the negative consequences which may come upon the children left home alone were put into discussion. Also talks were held on the damage caused by the emotional emptiness of the children because of the lack of love and parents’ support.
At the community level, there were unfolded round tables and were held thematic debates with the community representatives – social workers, sector inspectors, local councillors, doctors etc.
After achieving those actions on field, all the 120 teachers involved in the Scholarship Programme gained the formation certificate within The future for our children Project, offered by Pro Didactica Educational Centre.

Violeta Dumitraşcu,
Project Coordinator
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