Friday, February 1st,  this year, within the Centre met the team of trainers actively involved in our training programs. Topic of discussion, proposed, cleverly prepared and facilitated by Ms Tatiana Cartaleanu was Development of Dynamic Training Community in adult groups.

On behalf of trainers, Ms. Cartaleanu confessed: We want to keep the spirit of community; especially the meantime grew a host of new formats, which not all “old” I know. The objective was to equip us all not only in the “knowledge” and “skills”, but under “attitudes” (with a fresh dose of optimism and a sense that more teaching others go with you in the same column) . No actual games, which we all know how many dozens, but some principles of choice, modeling, implementation, offering feedback were important. We thus allowed learn academic, analyzing their experience and compare it with colleagues.  We received ongoing support of libraries, and webography on interactive training. We left with great personal and professional satisfaction, the feeling recharged batteries.

Finally, were decided that such meetings will be held monthly and each trainer is invited to propose a topic for discussion or training sessions in key master class, accompanied by respective debriefing or, experiential learning has primacy in adult education and conduct meanings formative learning.