Digital competencies of teachers on the agenda


On December 15, took place the follow-up webinar on the development of digital skills of university teachers from the 7 universities with pedagogical profile, partners in the project “Promotion and development of intercultural education in pre-service teacher training (phase 2)”

Facilitated by the renowned trainer Valeriu GORINCIOI, the activity of finalizing the training program aimed to capitalize on an exchange of experience on platforms and digital tools used in higher education in distance learning and beyond. Thus, in the top of the preferences of teachers and students are the Moodle and Google classroom platforms, with many functions and advantages, but also recognized tools such as Mentimeter, Socrative, Teleskop, Google form, Google drive, Worksheet, Word generator, etc.

In conclusion, the Latin maxim Non multa, sed multum was reiterated, emphasizing the need to deepen and expand some digital tools, which would best suit the specifics of the course taught and the objectives of our lessons. Partnership with colleagues and students must be fully exploited, or human interaction cannot be replaced by any technology, including in the pedagogical environment.

The 2021 Training Program, supported by the Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation in Switzerland, was completed in this manner and the usefulness and necessity of the promoted changes and improvements, which have as a priority the development of intercultural and gender education in future pedagogue students.