237_copA new training activity entitled Educational Leadership was held at Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, on November 3-5. The seminar-training is part of CONSEPT project (phase III), component Organizational Development, implemented by PRO DIDACTICA and supported by the Liechtenstein Development Service Foundation (LED). The project aims on improving the functioning of vocational schools by strengthening the managerial skills of the members of the administration.

Representatives of the management teams from 13 vocational institutions have shown increased interest in theoretical and practical aspects of educational leadership and management, as important processes that ensure the functioning and development of vocational schools in the context of ongoing changes in the field. Among the most important objectives proposed at the beginning of the seminar-training and met along it are:

  1. to identify the differences and similarities between the processes of management and leadership;
  2. to define characteristics of professional learning communities in the context of vocational school;
  3. to assure the necessary conditions for development of managers-leaders and teacher-leaders;
  4. to develop leadership skills;
  5. to develop an feasible action plan for promoting the educational leadership.

The trainers’ teams have ensured an relevant approach focused on experiential learning and exchanging of the best practices, on emphasizing the importance of improving the leadership and teamwork skills, and on promoting the participatory management.  Along the training activity it was point out the importance of ensuring an organizational culture in which each actor has sufficient conditions to maximize its potential at class, school and community learning levels.
Professional progress of managers and institutional progress of schools involved in CONSEPT project confirms that a qualitative investment in human resources is one of the key factors in ensuring the success of the educational institutions at the process, relationships and results levels.

project coordinator

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