Between October 28-30, we invited teachers and foremen from technical vocational education to the second training module dedicated to the project and the portfolio, as learning and evaluation tools. Due to force majeure circumstances, the training took place online. The participants, representatives of centers of excellence and vocational schools, became people who will later disseminate the information and experience gained during the training.

The activity focused on the typology of learning and assessment projects, the problems of applying the individual and group project in vocational training. The sessions were devoted to the diversity of projects that can be successfully applied in vocational training, following a clear strategy of task formulation, guidance and product evaluation. Addressing the highly publicized list of competencies “for the 21st century”, we have linked it to projects that can facilitate the solution of complex problems, can stimulate and develop creativity, can ensure the practice in the field of providing services and, last but not least, communication at all levels.

The students benefited from a support with theoretical material and practice sheets, they worked individually, in pairs and in groups, being left to discover the formative valences of the work on the projects. At the attitudinal level, the aim was to inoculate the idea that any project must be elaborated rigorously, from intention to idea and item, specifying the product and the evaluation grid. Any project, individual or group, must be part of a series of tasks aimed at training and developing professional skills.