On March 18, an online event took place to launch the studies in the form of synthesis reports, made internationally, within the Network of Educational Policy Centers / NEPC:

As presenters-facilitators, the team from CE PRO DIDACTICA was involved: Rima BEZEDE, President of NGO, Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ, project coordinator, research expert for the Republic of Moldova and Oxana DRAGUȚA, research expert for the Republic of Moldova.

The over 60 participants, especially representatives of OLSDÎ, school managers and teachers from different levels, had the opportunity to find out the main ideas / results of the studies, to comment on the issues exposed from the perspective of the context they represent, but also to consider the stipulated recommendations, relevant for the institutions in which they operate. Obviously, the need to eradicate corruption in the educational process was emphasized, by ensuring decisional and procedural transparency, but also by promoting education for integrity at the system level, meaning that, changing the mentality of the population is by no means a short-term process.

The participants completed a registration questionnaire on integrity issues, the answers to which will help us expand and deepen the action recommendations in other studies and strategic documents on the development of quality education in the Republic of Moldova.