martie2In the period February 24 to 26, at PRO DIDACTICA, which took place a methodological training for 20 national trainers within the project  “Quality education in rural areas  Moldova”, supported by the World Bank and coordinated by the Ministry of Education.

Trainers training program included 24 hours and important topics such as: Management of the lesson in terms of quality assurance perspective; Developing critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity; Interdisciplinary approach to the study material; Interactive methods and educational strategies focused on training and assessment of students’ competences; Student centered teaching methods; Competence based assessment and involvement of students in autonomous learning and self-evaluation; Criteria for issuing of optional courses in lyceum.
Training was facilitated by Tatiana Cartaleanu, Olga Cosovan, Lia Sclifos and  Rodica Solovei, who developed support course for the activity.

The mission of national trainers is between 5 to 27 March to conduct a training program for about 800 local trainers from all lyceums from Moldova.


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