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Saturday, September 15, 2018, at EC PRO DIDACTICA, within the framework Anticorruption Education Component of the Project “European Lessons 2”, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania from the Cooperation Program for Development and Promotion of Democracy and implemented by PRO DIDACTICA, in partnership with the Center for Modern Didactics from Vilnius (Lithuania),  took place an interactive seminar for teachers of civic education, of history and other school subjects. The participants opted for the promotion of the topic among pupils and teachers in the secondary education. This innovative initiative supports the activities of preventing and eradicating corruption in the country by educating conscientious, critical and responsible citizens to develop and implement education for integrity and against corruption through thematic activities in and out of the classroom.

Expert trainers Rodica EŞANU and Eugenia NEGRU have developed teaching materials for teachers, students and pupils which can be accessed here and taught separately or infusionally and selectively at different subjects, including in the optional discipline “European Integration for You”, namely:

  • International and national structures for monitoring and combating corruption;
  • Non fighting against corruption means sustaining it;
  • Corruption – the “creation” of the man holding the power;
  • Succeed history of corruption. Case Study. Corruption in the Soviet economy;
  • Extra-curricular activity. Corruption in the eyes of humorists;
  • Sources of income of the person. Legal and illegal sources. Risks associated with illegal revenue accrual.
  • Phanariot countries in the Romanian countries. Link to Education against Corruption: The History of Corruption in the Romanian Countries; a society tolerant of corruption.

After the seminar, all the trained teachers are committed to apply the experimental materials and gained practices and skills and to continue to be part of the network for raising awareness and preventing corruption in schools, in their communities, and throughout the entire society. Unfortunately, currently all levels of our society continue to be heavily affected by this plague. In this context, PRO DIDACTICA is launching a campaign for the publication and dissemination of the didactical materials on the Anticorruption topic at www.red.prodidactica.md, but also on the pages of Didactica Pro… magazine. Those who would like actively contribute to our campaign, please submit your proposals and materials to the email: prodidactica@prodidactica.md.

Univ. Prof. Viorica Goraş-Postică,
Project Coordinator

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