University professors have updated their theoretical and practical knowledge on gender education


On October 29, took place the follow-up webinar “Promoting gender equality through intercultural education in the initial training of teachers” , which was attended by over 30 practitioners from 7 partner universities in the project. Among the specific objectives of the activity were: updating information on recent national and international documents that reflect gender policies, quality standards on gender education in initial teacher training; identifying problems and solutions in gender education in Moldovan universities; facilitating debates on the promotion and integration of the gender dimension through courses, IE topics.

At the initial evaluation, we found that all teachers in the training program are convinced of the need to promote gender equality in intercultural educational approaches with future pedagogues, and the reasons for this are multiple, political, theoretical and practical-attitudinal. These beliefs were further illustrated by the presentation of homework on gender mainstreaming in the curriculum and IE course support (examples from 2-3 topics) in master’s programs – 3 universities and undergraduate programs – 4 universities. The feedback provided to colleagues was constructive, with an exclusively positive character, and the debates on them helped to discover some details, less valued nuances, for the time being. The last session of the program presented new information and practices from other countries on gender mainstreaming, concepts and international rigors, to be used in the future, by colleagues present in the teaching-learning practice at various university courses.

The final evaluation revealed that teachers feel very prepared to integrate the gender dimension into the IE curricula to be developed. Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ and Vitalie SCURTU, colleagues from the project team, were involved in the webinar as facilitators. All participants in the program will receive certificates of professional qualification on the topic of gender integration through disciplines / modules / content units in the field of intercultural education.