245_cop (1)On 19 to 20 December, a group of 15 primary school teachers from Chisinau, Balti, Comrat, Ciadîr Lunga, Cocieri, Dubasari, Tiraspol and Bender attended a consistent program of training of trainers in intercultural education. Activities were held in Educational Center PRO DIDACTICA, in Chisinau and were facilitated by interactive-participative manner by Doctor in Psychology from Kiev, Irina Brunova-Kalisetska, researcher-expert from the National Pedagogical Sciences Acadmia of Ukraine. Modules thematic issues included adult education in multicultural societies and fundamental aspects of axiological conflictology.

The training was held within the “Culture of good neighborhood” project,  supported by the Academy Folke Bernadotte of Sweden, whose aim is to improve relations between different regions of Moldova, including the Transnistrian region, and intercultural education, based on cooperation of state organizations with the civil society in multiethnic communities. The initiative belongs to the Center for Development and Integration from  Kiev, NGOs working in this area in all regions of Ukraine for more than 10 years.
Program beneficiaries will participate in other training modules, during 2016, and will continue to work as trainers for teachers who teach in primary school new optional subject “The culture of good neighbohood”. Currently, underway is an extensive pedagogical experiment, autorized by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova, with teachers and students from grades 1-2, and will continue next years with  3-4 grades.
Among the most important values promoted by the new discipline, are attested: patriotism, national identity and linguistic diversity, tolerance, faith, friendship, respect for their people and for neighbors of other nationalities, but also respect for the traditions inherited from the ancestors of different ethnicities .
In terms of emotional and cognitive-behavioral aquisition, students together with teachers, are interested to find new things about Other, to enrich themselves morally and spiritually, to extend the existing curriculum for ellementary education.

Coordinator: Viorica Goraş-Postică

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