On the 27th-28th of October, over 50 teachers and managers from Anenii Noi district were involved in a complex training program on the topic indicated above, within the project Extending peace education through the discipline “Culture of good neighborhood” in schools in the Republic of Moldova – 2020,, implemented by the EC PRO DIDACTICA, in partnership with the Anenii Noi Education Department. The initiative is carried out within the GPPAC network, based in Hague (, with financial support from the organization Non Violence International from the USA.

The seminars in question were a continuation / follow-up of those in August, having as major objectives the development of the intercultural competence and the broadening of the horizon of intercultural education. Project trainer-experts Daniela STATE and Alla NIKITCENKO interactively facilitated distance andragogical approaches, with teachers teaching the optional subject “Culture of Good Neighborhood” in grades 1 through 4, based on the curriculum and the student notebooks with suggestive generics in each class : Me, my family and neighbors; My hometown; We learn, work and rest together; My country – my pride. It was important to hear specific opinions on the educational process in the first 2 months, the successes demonstrated by children in terms of relationships, work process and results, but also some inherent problems that occurred and for which relevant suggestions with solutions were received.

Teachers and managers from high schools have participated in several participatory conceptual-practical aspects of diversity pedagogy, especially those related to cultivating positive attitudes, appropriate to multicultural environments: tolerance, respect, understanding, responsible involvement, empathy, etc. Prof. Viorica GORAȘ-POSTICĂ challenged the participants to an exchange of experience in the field, highlighting the good practices in schools, but also the current political and theoretical-methodological regulations, at national and international level.

Finally, it was reiterated that education in the spirit of peace and cultural diversity is not limited to festive events or demonstrations (on the occasion of International Peace Day on 21 September or World Tolerance Day on 16 November), their elements are introduced / capitalized in the daily school life, when teaching-learning different compulsory and optional subjects, becoming an indispensable component of the values promoted by the organizational culture of the institution.